Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gotta love Westport Homes

YEs, this is our basement flooding after the rain on sunday. ThAT IS WATER POURING OVER THE WINDOW LEDGE AND DOWN THE SIDE OF THE WALL!!! We are now the second house in our crappy neighborhood to have the pleasure of a leaky basement!
Lovely, huh?

I need a drink!

Trying to catch some of it in a bucket. It was coming in so fast. Nice french drain Westport! Nice water and drainage control! We wanted to finish the basement, but I guess now we may as well just move! Thanks for nothing Wesport!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Simon turns 5

Simon had a wonderful birthday full of friends and family. We started with a family celebration on his actual Birthday, then a skating party on the 10th with his friend Alex who shares his birthday and age (actually just a few minutes apart) then on the 11th we had his big Birthday celebration...all a bit of overkill but sweet Aunt Diana made a beautiful...ahem, cool...cake and many family and friends came including Simon's sweet froend Maya and young God-sister Olivia.

Haley and Olivia observe before the blow!

Many Family and friends!
Simon and Alex ham it up!

Simon poses with his masterpiece from Aunt Diana!

Simon and Hayden attend Alex's skating party at the Roller Dome North.

Simon and Alex....

YAY! I am 5 today! January 8, 2009

Saturday, December 13, 2008

We made it St. louis for a visit

Hayden and Simon Check out the arch
Standing under the arch

Me and the boys

Me and the Nephs and my boys

Hayden is chillin

HAyden just wanted to touch the Arch

The boys up close and personal witht he arch

in the park

me and kim

more arch pics

We had a nice time visiting Kim. We went shopping....These are pics of the kids playing...

Then we went to the Arch...... OK seriously...I am a graphic designer and I can't deal witht his blog. I have to do everything in reverse chronological bear with me on this post. UGH!

We did have a great time...The boys were sad to return home. Check out my facebook for more options! I've had it. It won't let me upload. I'm going to try fixing it in photoshop....I always get my way with photoshop! So I resized my pics but I hate this console. It is not user friendly...any tips?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween 2008

This stupid formatter will not place my pics properly so excuse the need to turn your head for viewing. I do not like the inability to control my graphics. Anyhoo, enjoy!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Reupholstering a couch for hayden's Learning Fair Project at School

A new place to watch TV or play the boys Video Games in their loft.

First we started with this nasty old couch with 30+ years of grub and grime...EW! Then we stripped everything. Hayden painted the frame a nice chocolate brown while I put on new padding and upholstery. We added some button details and Voila! New couch!

Hayden lost his first front tooth...finally. It hung on for about 4 months.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Anniversaries, OH MY!

Well, this week will be Mom and Dad's 30th wedding anniversary and Tom and I are celebrating 9 years. Mom and Jay just celbrated 29 years. What a blur it has been. I still can't believe how quickly life can change...even in just one year. I can't believe I am where I am today and I can't even see any traceable steps of how I got here. Just hopping blocks and and destinations. At mom and dad's 25th, I was very pregnant with Simon and he will be 5 in a few short months. What a crazy journey. Well, that is all the insight I have for this Sunday Afternoon. I'm happy it is a great Fall day and i think I will go rock hunting with the boys now. We totally dig that! Wish us lick for a geode!

Cheers for Now!