Saturday, December 13, 2008

We made it St. louis for a visit

Hayden and Simon Check out the arch
Standing under the arch

Me and the boys

Me and the Nephs and my boys

Hayden is chillin

HAyden just wanted to touch the Arch

The boys up close and personal witht he arch

in the park

me and kim

more arch pics

We had a nice time visiting Kim. We went shopping....These are pics of the kids playing...

Then we went to the Arch...... OK seriously...I am a graphic designer and I can't deal witht his blog. I have to do everything in reverse chronological bear with me on this post. UGH!

We did have a great time...The boys were sad to return home. Check out my facebook for more options! I've had it. It won't let me upload. I'm going to try fixing it in photoshop....I always get my way with photoshop! So I resized my pics but I hate this console. It is not user friendly...any tips?

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Jessica & Todd said...

Holy crap...I found your blog! I had no idea you had been blogging for so long! Keep it up. Now you owe me a few comments on my blog. What used to be one of my best comment leavers? :) Love all of the pics of the freakin' cute!