Sunday, January 18, 2009

Simon turns 5

Simon had a wonderful birthday full of friends and family. We started with a family celebration on his actual Birthday, then a skating party on the 10th with his friend Alex who shares his birthday and age (actually just a few minutes apart) then on the 11th we had his big Birthday celebration...all a bit of overkill but sweet Aunt Diana made a beautiful...ahem, cool...cake and many family and friends came including Simon's sweet froend Maya and young God-sister Olivia.

Haley and Olivia observe before the blow!

Many Family and friends!
Simon and Alex ham it up!

Simon poses with his masterpiece from Aunt Diana!

Simon and Hayden attend Alex's skating party at the Roller Dome North.

Simon and Alex....

YAY! I am 5 today! January 8, 2009


Jessica & Todd said...

How in the world can he possibly be five already? They are growing up too fast! We are glad he had such a fun birthday celebration and that we could be part of it!

Anonymous said...

I saw your name highlighted on Jess's blog and clicked on it. I had no idea you have a blog! So glad to find out. I will check it regularly now.